“Šumadija Granit” -sophisticated production plant is part of modern industrial complex situated over 10ha of prime industrial land on the outskirts of Arandjelovac (Serbia). Machine production units are organized and positioned to optimize production process, ensure optimum production levels and quality.

The area of the production and warehouse halls is over 10,000 m2.

Stone processing is done thanks to advanced technology of Italian designed machinery. Machines are situated in modern halls positioned around central warehouse of raw blocks, equipped with two portal cranes with a capacity of 35t each.

The raw block warehouse is rich in various materials required for our production. There is usually over 2000m3 of raw blocks at any given time.


Sawing section forms the basis of our production capacity which is very important for the further production of all “Šumadija Granit” products. To achieve the highest possible cut quality, “Šumadija Granit” has machines of the most renowned global brands following world trends and development of advanced technologies. We can boast that we are the first company in Serbia that uses a MULTI-WIRE machine, which cuts raw blocks with diamond wires and thus achieves the highest possible cut quality.

The section is equipped with the following machinery:

  • 3 Jumbo Master Breton Gangsaws
  • 1 Gaspari Menotti Gangsaw
  • Diamantfil Pellegrini
  • Block cutters with disc on variable diameter of 2,7m or 3m
  • Multi-Wire Pellegrini
  • Jupiter Multi-Wire Pedrini


In the manufacturing process of marbles and granite slabs, the surface fiinishing section is of great importance. After cutting the blocks into slabs, the next step is surface treatment.

Polishing(surface) section – in line with the market trends “Šumadija Granit” uses machines to polish, flame, brush, hammer dress or sandblast stone surface. With a combination of different surface workings, we can achieve unique finishes to satisfy client needs. For this purpose, this particular machine section has fully automated by modern machines of Italian brands.

This type of equipment guarantees the highest possible processing quality and secure the European and world quality standards.

The section is equipped with the following machinery:

  • PGM 2200 Gaspari Menotti polishing and brushing line
  • Pellegrini flaming, hammer-dressing and sandblasting line



Natural stone, with its properties and color, represents a special expression and gives a unique look to objects. As such, natural stone is an inevitable architectural requirement in every project.

“Šumadija granite” develops various systems for cladding facades with natural stone – from traditional methods of installation with the help of plasters, adhesives to specially designed metal connections and the most modern systems of “ventilated facade” where a special system of aluminum substructure is used. In collaboration with a professional team, the type of stone cladding system is determined during the early stages of the project to optimize the success of the project. “Šumadija Granit” employs experienced teams of fitters and supervisors who coordinate stone installation operations on the construction site.